Administrative Alert: Perrysburg Tax Levy Recalculation Updates. Effected Tax Districts: J37-completed, P60-completed, Q61-completed, T84-completed. Refunds in progress. [x]
Wood County
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ParcelOwnerProperty AddressLand UseAcres
B07-511-190118012000BENTLEY ROBERT M & SHANA R711 N SUMMIT ST 5100
B07-511-190330004000PHILLIPS JOSEPH S207 S PROSPECT ST 5100
B08-510-130307027000HERRINGSHAW ANDREW1014 BOONE CT 5200
B08-510-240406027000GOFUS ROBERT J & SUSAN M315 N MAPLE ST 5200
B08-510-240406028000GOFUS ROBERT J & SUSAN M315 N MAPLE ST 5100
B08-510-240406029000GOFUS ROBERT J & SUSAN M315 N MAPLE ST 5100
F22-310-170000008000STOCK ZACHARY L & DICK AMBER S17735 HAMMANSBURG RD 5112.2
H28-712-010202017000BREWER RONALD L & AIMEE M1225 MILLBURY RD 5100
H28-712-070000046000BROWN TIMOTHY L & DARLENE L29325 E BROADWAY RD 5111.43
M50-300-130417034000HARTFORD III WILLIAM L0 OREGON RD 5110.08
M50-300-130417035000HARTFORD III WILLIAM L2437 OREGON RD 5110.22
Q61-000-903205027000BORING DONALD R & LAUREEN P910 ELM ST 5100.62
Q61-000-903205028000BORING DONALD R & LAUREEN P0 ELM ST 5000.38
T68-300-230402008000TADDONIO NICHOLAS540 BRUNS DR 5100
T68-300-760201075000NETHERLAND JUSTIN J547 MAYBAR DR 5110
T68-300-800407002000SAMSON TAMARA L305 EAGLE POINT RD 5100
T68-300-800407003000SAMSON TAMARA L0 EAGLE POINT RD 5100
X78-509-350409001000BARBOUR JOSHUA A & ROOD ALEASHA13270 MAPLE ST 5100
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