Wood County
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ParcelOwnerProperty AddressLand UseAcres
B08-510-140408117000LEGALLEY JESSICA N1216 FINCH DR 5100
B08-510-230405015202WYNDHAM JANE S215 STONEGATE 5500
B08-510-230409032000PIKE BRENDA S TRUSTEE1142 ALEXANDRIA BLVD 5100
B08-510-250107029000WALKER EDWARD P TRUSTEE1024 CLARK ST 5100
B08-510-260401011000TACKETT RYAN M1212 NORTH ST 5100
E19-509-070000028000SEAB JOHN & SEAB PEGGY0 W RIVER RD 5010.83
E19-509-070000030000SEAB JOHN & SEAB PEGGY0 THIRD ST 51317.57
F23-310-350211024000CGBARR LLC100 N MAIN ST 4990
F23-310-350211025000CGBARR LLC100 N MAIN ST 4990
H28-712-020401001000PHILLIPS CHAD M & PHILLIPS KAYLA L1402 BRADNER RD 5100
M50-812-250000022000LIMPF DAVID & LIMPF JEAN4969 CURTICE RD 5100
M50-812-270403001000HENNEN LANCE A1801 REVA DR 5100
M50-812-270403002000HENNEN LANCE A0 REVA DR 5100
P57-300-340201017000BEVIER GERI & BEVIER KIRK9304 MANDELL RD 5111.23
Q61-400-040101014000PUDVAH HANH H & PUDVAH ANDREW0 AVENUE RD 5100.29
Q61-400-040101015000PUDVAH HANH H & PUDVAH ANDREW10629 AVENUE RD 5100.71
Q61-400-040302012000CODER STEVEN D922 BEXLEY DR 5100
Q61-400-040303004000LUMBREZER BRENT R & HERR DANA A754 CRICKET LN 5100
T68-300-230407018000SWEET AMY939 JENNISON DR 5100
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