Administrative Alert: Perrysburg Tax Levy Recalculation Updates. Effected Tax Districts: J37-completed, P60-completed, Q61-completed, T84-completed. Refunds in progress. [x]
Wood County
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ParcelOwnerProperty AddressLand UseAcres
E19-509-070000036218GALLAHER JEANETTE M24533 VILLAGE LN 5500
F23-310-350204011001MSG INVESTMENTS LTD0 GREY ST 5000
F23-310-350204012000MSG INVESTMENTS LTD0 GREY ST 5000
F23-310-350204013000MSG INVESTMENTS LTD600 SLOAN ST 5200
K41-409-040000007000WINDNAGLE JORDAN D & GOATLEY MATTHEW D12804 CUSTAR RD 5113.32
K42-409-290203007001HABICHT NICOLE K0 DEFIANCE PIKE 5990.75
K42-409-290203007005HABICHT NICOLE K0 MAIN ST 5010.03
K42-409-290203013000HABICHT NICOLE K23133 DEFIANCE PIKE 5100
M50-300-130403018000VILLEGAS DIEGO S0 SHEFFIELD PL 5100
M50-300-130403019000VILLEGAS DIEGO S2010 SHEFFIELD PL 5990
M50-300-130403020000VILLEGAS DIEGO S0 SHEFFIELD PL 5100
M50-300-130403021000VILLEGAS DIEGO S0 SHEFFIELD PL 5100
M50-300-130403022000VILLEGAS DIEGO S2010 SHEFFIELD PL 5100
P57-300-350301031000GARABRANDT JR CHARLES R & DEBORAH L8550 AVENUE RD 5110.5
P60-300-721403007217LIMES KIMBERLY M10246 FORD RD 5500
Q61-000-902214005000YONKER CYNTHIA122 W SIXTH ST 5100
Q61-000-903204027000MAGINN MICHAEL J970 LONES DR 5100
Q61-400-180003001255DEBRUIN TODD M1455 TURNBURY LN 5500
S67-411-060304011000PIERCE WILL J113 N THIRD ST 5100
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