When are real estate taxes due?

Real estate taxes are generally due February and July of the current year. The county treasurer sets the exact due dates.  You can access the Treasurer’s web site for more information.

Do we talk to the Auditor’s Office regarding payment of taxes?

No- Payment is handled through the Treasurer’s Office.

Do we inform the Auditor’s Office of a change in tax mailing addresses?

No- All changes in tax mailing addresses are handled through the Treasurer’s Office.

The Treasurer’s Office number is:  419-354-9130.

Can we purchase dog tags elsewhere in the county?

Yes.  Dog tags can be purchased via the following:

Where is the Auto Title Office?
Located in the Greenwood Center at 1616 East Wooster Street, Suite 16, Bowling Green.

The phone number is 419-354-9180.

Where is the Real Estate Office?

The Real Estate Office and GIS department is located on the second floor of the county office building at One Courthouse Square, Bowling Green.

The office number is 419-373-4917.

What is the cost of a regular Vendor’s License?

The application fee is $25.00.

Note: There is no longer a Limited Vendor License; you are now required to purchase a Transient Vendors License, which may be used to make sales in all Ohio counties. This license will remain in effect until your business is dissolved, there is a change in ownership, or the Tax Commissioner revokes the license. That fee is $25.00 with no annual renewal fee. License is purchased from the Ohio Department of Taxation in Columbus.

What is the cost of a Real Estate Conveyance fee?

Wood County charges a fee of $3.00 per $1,000.00 of the purchase price (rounded up to the nearest hundred) and $0.50 per parcel transfer fee.

Example: A parcel of land purchased for $100,000.00 would incur a conveyance fee of $300.00 and a $0.50 transfer fee.
Please review DTE 100(EX) in order to determine if the transaction is exempt from a conveyance fee.

What is a Mobile Home Moving Permit?

If you need to move a mobile home in the State of Ohio, law requires you to purchase a permit.

The fee for a Mobile Home Moving Permit is $5.00.

Those who do not obtain a permit will be charged a fine of $100.00.

What is the cost for a Mobile Home Conveyance fee?

Wood County charges a fee of $1.00 per $1,000.00 of purchase price (rounded up to the nearest thousand).

Example: A mobile home purchased for $23,300.00 would incur a conveyance fee of $24.00
When no monies change hands there is no conveyance fee.

There is also a transfer fee of $0.50 per title.

What is the sales tax for Wood County?

Sales tax for Wood County is 6.75%.

To see a sales tax list for all Ohio Counties, visit the Ohio Department of Taxation website.

Do I need to give my pet a rabies shot?

The Wood County District Board of Health has adopted a regulation requiring all dogs to be immunized against rabies.